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Wild Images creates wildlife, remote area cultures and peoples, and landscape photography tours, photography holidays, photo safaris and expeditions that offer some extraordinary opportunities to take home wonderful images and memories that truly last a lifetime. Our Wild Images tours visit superb locations that span the globe, both popular places and remote, wild and little-visited locations. Why not join one of our photography tours and travel with like-minded people, accompanied by a well respected photographer-guide?

Wild Images leaders are not only experts at getting you to the best places for wildlife, people and landscapes at the best season and at the best time of day for the best shots, but also expert organisers able to cope with the day to day running of the tour, even in the back of beyond in challenging conditions. They are friendly, approachable people who are always happy to offer advice that will help you obtain better images.

Wild Images photography tours are for everyone, regardless of the kind of equipment you carry. Don’t be worried you will be out of your depth, or somehow out on a limb, if you bring along a bridge camera with a 20x optical zoom rather than a DSLR and a big prime telephoto lens. Our leaders will do their utmost to make sure everyone in the group gets great shots. We firmly believe that the person behind the camera is more significant when it comes to taking great images than the type of equipment they use. These days you can capture wonderful images with a bridge camera or, in many situations, with a smartphone. Photography has moved on and is no longer as technically difficult as it once was, opening up this wonderful activity to a wider range of enthusiasts.


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Ambush! We have been watching a herd of grazing Guanacos (wild relatives of the Llama) in Chile's magnificent Torres del Paine. They gradually approach the area where we think a Puma is lying in wait in the 'mata barrosa' and 'calafate' bushes. She is! As a Guanaco nears her hiding place she bursts forth, scattering pieces of vegetation high into the air! Image by Mark Beaman of Wild Images

South America (including Galapagos)

August-September 2024

CHILE: WALKING WITH PUMAS – An Extraordinary Photographic Adventure at Torres del Paine

A stunning herd of Oryx in the dunes of Sandwich Harbour during our Namibia photo tour

South Africa

September 2024

NAMIBIA – Africa’s Arid Eden