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Europe (including Svalbard) Photography Tours

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Europe wildlife photography tours and photography holidays are many and varied, but we prefer to focus our attentions on destinations where we think the opportunities for wildlife photography or for bird photography are outstanding.

Hungary offers some of the best bird photography hides (blinds) in Europe, and so is a natural choice for keen bird photographers.

The Danube Delta also has great bird photography and here we spend part of the time in a mobile hide that can be moved to wherever the current action is.

Belarus (sometimes referred to as White Russia) is a frontier bird photography destination, but a great choice for Great Grey Owl, Great Snipe and other marvellous birds.

Iceland is not only rich in birdlife, but also has simply awesome landscape photography, Arctic wildflowers, incredible geothermal activity (geysers and the like) and wonderful whale encounters.

In Spain, we can arrange for you to try your luck with the endangered Iberian Lynx, or you can pick a much more certain option and visit hides for the awesome Bearded Vulture (or Lammergeier) and other birds of prey, plus have the opportunity to photograph the fast-declining Little Bustard displaying.

Our Svalbard photography tours focus on the wildlife, flora and landscapes of a magnificent polar wilderness that lies far to the north of the European mainland. Svalbard (also known as Spitsbergen, after the main island in the archipelago) offers some of the richest wildlife photography experiences in the entire Arctic region, including reliable encounters with the threatened Polar Bear, Walrus, Ivory Gull, Arctic Fox, Reindeer, Little Auks and much more.

All participants on Svalbard photography tours are going to want to return home with images of its most iconic creature, the huge Polar Bear, a species now greatly threatened by global warming. This is one of the easiest places in the Arctic to see this extraordinary animal, and on the Svalbard photography tours with the best itineraries, you can be near certain of multiple encounters.

Svalbard (Spitsbergen) has some of the most magnificent mountain and glacier scenery in the Arctic, so is a paradise for landscape photography, while its Arctic wildflowers also make for rewarding shots, including wide-angle ones that take in the awesome tundra landscapes in the background. Even the history of Spitsbergen is fascinating, including the early age of whaling and the great era of Arctic exploration and the race to the North Pole. We rate our Svalbard photography tours as some of the most enjoyable and uplifting photo expeditions that we have ever experienced. Go there while the Polar Bear is still the monarch of this Arctic wilderness.