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Our Antarctica photography tours and wildlife photography holidays and expeditions to ‘The Last Continent’ are an awesome wildlife and landscape photography experience, never mind the extraordinary history of this last major region on earth to be explored. The best Antarctica photography tours are undoubtedly wildlife-orientated expedition cruises that combine the Antarctic Peninsula with remote South Georgia. Most such cruises also include the Falkland Islands as they involve only a small detour. South Georgia has so much wildlife, including King Penguin colonies running to hundreds of thousands, that it should never be missed by those keen on wildlife photography. Wildlife abounds in both Antarctica and South Georgia, yet is so tame it is humbling for we humans who have wrought so much havoc elsewhere. As a result photography is simply wonderful, and so often you can get really close to your subjects, whether penguins, seals or other creatures.

The Antarctic Peninsula has truly awe-inspiring scenery, so offers almost incredible opportunities for landscape photography, but wildlife is more limited in variety than in South Georgia (although still very abundant, particularly as regards penguins and seals). We sometimes offer Antarctica photography tours that are restricted to the Antarctic Peninsula, but they are always of longer-than-average duration for this category of Antarctica cruise as this is the only way to reach the more interesting areas that are further to the south.

If you want to see and photograph Emperor Penguins in particular, you are almost certainly not going to see any on the cruises described above (we have seen some, but only occasionally), but there are expedition cruises where you can reliably see and photograph them, to the Ross Sea region of Antarctica south of New Zealand and Australia for example.

We also arrange Antarctica photography tours (from Chile) to an Emperor Penguin colony in Antarctica, which is a dream destination for many a wildlife photographer, but tours to the area are inevitably very expensive. Contact our office if you are interested in visiting either area.