Worldwide Photographic Journeys

About Wild Images

At Wild Images we believe the most important piece of camera equipment is the person using it.  Photography is our world.

We are passionate about travel and bringing the wildlife. sights, colours and people of the world to your lens. Travelling in small groups to some of the world’s most beautiful places, we will help you to see the unseen. Whether it is an intimate moment shared between a mother lion and her cub, the adrenaline rush of photographing a wild snow leopard, a crumbling building façade, the intricate beauty of a Rajasthani lady’s jewellery or even footprints on a sandy beach, we will help you to engage with your environment like few other tours can.

Our experienced guides have an unbridled enthusiasm for photographing everything from birds and wildlife to landscapes, historical sites and people.

Your journey with us starts with a single click. From the moment you contact our office, our expert, helpful and friendly staff’s aim is to ensure you select the right tour for your photographic aims.

Before you join our trips, we can help you to prepare for your journey with advice on what gear to bring and what to expect during your travels with us.

In the field we not only teach you the mechanics of photography at any level, we can also help you with light, composition and different ways of viewing a scene to expand your creativity.

Out of the field we can help you with post processing your images so they have a “Wow!” factor.

We cater for all levels of photographers from beginners to professionals. Our clients range from iPhone and Smart Phone users to bridge and mirrorless photography enthusiasts to experienced professionals carrying large amounts of photographic equipment.

Wild Images leaders adhere to a code of ethics in the field that is underpinned by respect for our natural world including its people, landscapes and wildlife. Our images reflect an understated approach and they are created without interference to a creature’s natural behaviour, damaging the environment or impinging on a person’s space, culture and customs.

Wherever you are in your photographic journey, we will work closely with you to ensure you return home with a portfolio of images that you would be proud to show your friends, family or professional colleagues.

Not sure if a photography trip is for you? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our office to find our more about our tours.

If you are ready to take the journey of a lifetime, we look forward to travelling with you soon.