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Travel Insurance is easily available for areas with ‘non-essential-travel’ advisories

16th July 2020

by Mark Beaman

There is a widespread misunderstanding about travel insurance being invalidated by government advisories recommending against ‘non-essential travel’ to particular countries. This has become much more of an issue now that many governments have applied these advisories willy-nilly to anything up to the entire planet!

The reality is that no insurance is invalidated by such government ‘advice’ unless the insurer concerned wants it to be. In consequence, it is generally mass-market travel policies that are affected since these policies have special clauses that exclude claims in such situations. That is one of the reasons they are sold so cheaply.

There are a number of specialist travel insurers who will provide cover regardless, and not for huge sums.

We can provide contact details for such providers for any Wild Images clients living in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. If you live in North America or elsewhere you will need to find a similar specialist provider, should you wish to take out insurance.

Mark Beaman

Mark Beaman lives in the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire with his Australian partner and fellow photographer Inger Vandyke. He is Managing Director of Wild Images. Mark has travelled to every continent, including Antarctica, to view and photograph wildlife and has a worldwide interest in every aspect of wildlife travel.