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Come and photograph an Emperor Penguin colony with Wild Images!

8th April 2018

In November 2020, Mark Beaman is going to be visiting the Emperor Penguin colony at Gould Bay in the Weddell Sea. Come and join him! You won’t have to pay a penny more than the standard expedition price because he is with you on this truly ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ adventure, so the fun and the tuition/photographic help will be free.

The price per person in 2020 is not yet known, but can reasonably be expected to be around the 2018 price of approximately 48k US Dollars plus a bit of inflation. Yes, it is astoundingly expensive isn’t it, but you get an amazing adventure for this small fortune (actually a pretty large one).

We fly from Punta Arenas in southernmost Chile to the Union Glacier airstrip deep in the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula and spend two nights there, so there is time to explore the awesome landforms in the surrounding area. An onward flight by smaller aircraft takes us to another ice strip at Gould Bay, where we spend four nights close to an Emperor Penguin colony!

You can visit the colony at all times of day (there is no true night), ensuring lots of low light photography, images in snow or whatever. Of course, all those adorable Emperor Penguin chicks will be there, playing around, huddled together or interacting with each other and the adults.

It is going to be awesome!

You head back to Union Glacier for two nights and then take a return flight to Punta Arenas.

As this is Antarctica we are taking about, there needs to be some flexibility, so  you need to arrive in Punta Arenas ahead of the scheduled departure day and have no plans to leave soon after the return flight, in case of weather issues.

(There will be the opportunity to take one of our upcoming Puma photography tours in southern Chile prior to the Antarctic expedition, should you wish to extend your stay.)

This is intended as a one-off opportunity. Come and join us!