Worldwide Photographic Journeys

Black Panther & The World’s Deadliest Cat – Exploratory Tour

8th April 2018

We have long wanted to visit Nagarhole National Park and Kabini, currently THE place to see and photograph the awesome melanistic morph of the Leopard, commonly known as the Black Panther.

In March 2019 we are offering a few wildlife photographers who like something truly different the chance to go there with Mark Beaman and spend enough time to have a really good chance for superb images.

Following on from our stay in South India, there will be an optional visit to Satpura National Park in Central India. Satpura is well-known for frequent and excellent Leopard sightings, but even better is its status as the best place in India for seeing Sloth Bears. Visitors who make longer stays here have often reported remarkable totals. Best of all, if you like to see and photograph mammals hardly anyone else ever achieves, this is THE place to see and photograph the diminutive Rusty-spotted Cat, a largely nocturnal species. Night drives are not allowed in most Indian reserves, but at Satpura we can go out on a regular basis and we should not only see this tiny cat, which is renowned for being the world’s deadliest (more kills per 100 hunts than any other cat!), but also have a good chance of getting some rewarding images.

More details of this very unusual tour, which may be a ‘one-off’ rather than a regular event, will be published on our website shortly.