Worldwide Photographic Journeys

Inger Vandyke

Professional wildlife photojournalist and expedition leader Inger Vandyke has a long-established photographic career publishing images and stories in over 30 publications worldwide. She is a freelance contributor to the Asian and Ocean Geographic journals and is also a Charter Member of Ocean Geographic. Inger is a long standing board member of the Southern Ocean Seabirds Study Association (SOSSA), the longest continual study of the Wandering Albatross at sea in the world.  In 2016 she was appointed as the Guardian of the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Key Bird Area with Birdlife International.

During the course of her career, Inger has been involved in numerous other conservation programs, including sea turtle research, hammerhead shark expeditions and the preservation of Critically Endangered species such as the Orange-bellied Parrot and Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby.

She has led numerous photographic tours, ranging from day trips to explore the limits of timed exposure photography to extended journeys that focused on wildlife photography in remote areas or on the vanishing cultures of the Himalayas and Africa. Inger is a skilled tutor and is always pleased to be able to help her group members learn new things and generally get more out of their photography, whether in the field or while using Lightroom or Photoshop.

In 2018 Inger was honoured to be appointed as a Photographer of India for the prestigious international salon “Atlas of Humanity” and since then her work has been exhibited in Desenzano del Garda (Italy), Paris (France), Yunnan (China), Birmingham & London (UK),  and also in Algiers as a part of this project.  The Atlas of Humanity seeks to document the humanity of the world in all its forms including tribes, cultures and communities that are disappearing.  Inger’s work with the former artist’s colony/slum of Kathputli in Delhi now forms a prominent part of this project.  You can read about Kathputli and see a gallery of Inger’s images from there on this link

As everyone who travels with her agrees, Inger has a natural talent for making people relax while she creates images of them, even when the cultural gap is pretty wide. Her images speak for themselves. Take a look at

You can also keep up with Inger’s travels by following her on instagram @ingervandyke_official.

An experienced expedition leader for over twenty years, in 2013 Inger was honoured by being made an International Member of the Explorer’s Club for her work in documenting the vanishing cultures of Tibet and in 2015 she was appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society for leading her remote Western Tibet Expedition.

Tours Led by Inger

Smiling monks at a prayer session in Sexu or Sershul in remote Sichuan


July-August 2020

Tibetan Sichuan

Photography tours of the Gerewol Festival in Chad highlight the beauty of the Wodaabe people


September-October 2020

Chad: Secrets of the Undiscovered Sahara

Emperor Penguins often tend the young of several pairs, or even steal chicks!

Antarctica & The Subantarctic

November 2020

Emperor Penguins of Antarctica

Sunrise and sunset photography tours at Bosque Del Apache often feature blast offs of Snow Geese

North America

December 2020

New Mexico: Cranes, Geese & Landscapes

Photographing the masked Egunguns on our Benin photography tour


January 2021

Benin & Togo: Unseen West Africa


August-September 2021

Namibia & South Africa

Visit the amazing Brokpa people of Garkon during our Zanskar photography tour


April-May 2022

India: Women of Ladakh