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Bernd Rohrschneider

Bernd Rohrschneider lives with his wife and young family in Germany’s oldest city, Trier,
near the border of Luxembourg. When he is not leading our wildlife photography tours he
works as a neurologist in a hospital emergency room.

Bernd’s passion for photography evolved from an interest he has had in wildlife and nature
since he was a child.

Photography has enabled him to capture some truly magical moments in nature from
diverse habitats in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Australia. He has both travelled with
and guided Wild Images tours in Chile, Botswana, Brazil and India.

When he is not travelling overseas, he spends as much time as he can outdoors,
photographing wildlife in his home country of Germany and other European locations,
including the Alps and Svalbard (Spitsbergen). Closer to home, he is working on longstanding
personal projects photographing the wildlife of his nearby forests. He has also worked with
camera traps to capture images of elusive nocturnal animals in his local region.

After many years of shooting photos on slide film he switched to digital and has most
recently switched again to mirrorless cameras.

Bernd is a kind, patient and skilled leader who is very knowledgeable in animal behaviour so
he can ‘second guess’ the next moves of wildlife in order to time his photos perfectly.

He loves travelling with our photography guests, generously sharing his knowledge of
wildlife and how best to capture what they are seeing.

Bernd is a widely published stock photographer and his images have appeared in books,
magazines and calendars.

To enjoy more of his beautiful work, we encourage you to enjoy his website:

Tours Led by Bernd