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Wild Images Supports Children in Remote Ethiopia

26th October 2020

Recently Wild Images’ General Manager Inger Vandyke donated her aerial image of the Hamer Villages surrounding the small town of Turmi in southern Ethiopia, to the Australian based international NGO Create Impact.  Her photo was sold in an online auction to raise money for the vital work of the group including the construction of schools, the establishment of water wells and safe sanitisation and also assist with providing health care to some of Ethiopia’s most impoverished and isolated people.

At the end of the auction it was one of the highest fundraising items, earning more than AU$800 for Create Impact.  A keen bidder who just missed out on winning the framed photo also decided to purchase the image as a private buyer so the combined sales were over AU$1500.

For more information on Create Impact and their projects in rural Ethiopia, please follow this link

A rare drone view of the Hamer villages near Turmi. This image was shortlisted in Africa Geographic’s Photographer of the Year competition 2020 (Image by Inger Vandyke)