Worldwide Photographic Journeys

Early 2021 Expeditions to Africa

10th November 2020

Wild Images is in the planning stages for three expeditions in Africa.  Led by Inger Vandyke these ethnographical photography expeditions will travel to Benin, South Sudan and Kinshasa in Congo DRC.

Photographing the masked Egunguns on our Benin photography tour

Masked Egunguns roam the streets of Ouidah during the annual Voodoo, or Vodun, festival in Benin (stock image)

The first expedition to Benin begins in Cotonou on 8 January and we will arrive for the start of the annual Voodoo Festival of West Africa.  After spending a day a the festival we will be meeting some of the Fulani and Yoruba ethnic groups in Cove and exploring Ganvie, the stilt village often referred to as the Venice of Africa.  We will then head north to meet spiritual healers in the Taneka people and then further north again to visit the incredible Somba people and other Fulani tribal people.

The dates for the Benin expedition are fixed at 8 to 23 January.

Portrait of a Sapeur in Kinshasa, Congo DRC (Image by Wikimedia Commons)

Our second expedition is not an expedition in the true sense of the word.  It is like a city visit but not just to any city.  Kinshasa in Congo DRC is home to a culture of people called La Sape, or Sapeurs, who are sometimes referred to as Congo dandies.  People who worship brands and expensive clothes, the Sapeurs of Kinshasa are known for their acute fashion sense while living in some of the city’s poorest areas.  Inger is planning to spend a week in Kinshasa with an experienced local guide meeting and photographing Sapeur men and women while learning about their culture and photographing them in all their finery.

The Mundari people of South Sudan worship their herds of long horned cattle (Image by Wikimedia Commons)

Lastly Inger will be heading to remote South Sudan to meet, camp with and photograph some of the most iconic tribal people of Africa including the Mundari, Toposa, Dinka and Jie people.  This 17 day expedition will be in fairly rugged conditions with rough roads and basic camping but will visit some of Africa’s most beautiful and wild tribal people.

Portrait photography in the central Rift valley with tribes from South Sudan and Inger Vandyke

A Toposa girl with her trademark extreme scarring. (Image by Inger Vandyke)

To register your interest in joining Inger on any of these expeditions please contact our office and we will send you some more details when we have dates and costs.