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Wild Images in USA Today

16th April 2020


Snow Leopards blend perfectly into their background (Image by Mike Watson)

Just last month our much loved tour leader Mike Watson emerged from the Himalayan foothills in Ladakh after leading one of the most successful Wild Images Snow Leopard tours in our company’s history.

He and his team enjoyed no less than 13 SIGHTINGS in 14 DAYS in Ladakh, across a variety of locations – the highest number of sightings we’ve ever had on this trip!

The Wild Images Snow Leopard tours work with undoubtedly the most experienced team of trackers and spotters in all of Ladakh.  To date we have NEVER had a trip with no leopards.

Our 2015 tour made history when Wild Images General Manager and Photographer Inger Vandyke became the first woman in the world to photograph a wild Snow Leopard hunt at close range.  Her images of that hunt were circulated through more than 300 different outlets in 80 countries around the globe. To this day they are regularly appearing on television in Japan, they endorse numerous public education campaigns for Snow Leopard Conservation at zoos in Paris, Seattle and Sandiego.  They have even been used to advertise a finance conference on a billboard on the Las Vegas strip!

Since that trip we have had many good Snow Leopard sightings and we’ve also managed to photograph the elusive Pallas’ Cat on our 2019 trip!

Fast forward to today and we are pleased to be featuring in the USA Today’s For The Win section here  This story, which will be shown to an audience of millions across the United States and worldwide is thanks to journalist Pete Thomas and it features Snow Leopard shots from Mike, Inger and Mark on our expeditions.

If you’d like to join us in Ladakh and search for the world’s most elusive cat in some of the most incredible landscapes on our planet we have spaces on our Snow Leopard tours in 2021 and 2022.  Please get in touch to register an interest or secure your booking!