Worldwide Photographic Journeys

Virtual Winter in Japan Safari

5th June 2020

At Wild Images we’ve found that there are places in the world where you just go through shots and shots, places where you think you are never going to take that many but you finish the trip with thousands more images than you thought you would take.

Surprisingly Japan in Winter is one of those places!  Join us in what is truly a winter wonderland for wildlife.  Meet some of Japan’s more curious creatures like the Serow or commune at close quarters with the famous Snow Monkeys in Japan (who are really like our little cousins).  Photograph the world’s largest eagles and owls as you walk in pristine woodlands or sit by flowing streams.  Listen to the haunting calls of elegant Japanese cranes as they dance their ballets in the snow, then watch Japan’s true ice denizens, the Whooper Swans land on the frozen lakes of Hokkaido.

Unlike a lot of companies offering tours in Japan, the Wild Images trip is truly a wildlife spectacle as we go off in  search of Sika Deer, Red Foxes, Raccoon Dogs, Serow, Snow Monkeys and a myriad of beautiful birds, all in the artists palette of snowy winter landscapes in Japan.  Here is a taster:

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