Worldwide Photographic Journeys

Virtual Photo Tour – The People of Africa

12th June 2020

For over 30 years, Wild Images General Manager Inger Vandyke has been travelling in Africa.  While she loves our safari tours to this great continent, she has a side passion for both African people and their heritage/rock art.  In the next of our Virtual Photo Tour series, she will be chatting about how she crossed the bridge from wildlife to people photography and why that bridge is a very difficult one for a lot of photographers.

Here are some highlights:

This clip features music that Inger has collected on her travels from the San Bushmen, Hamer and Suri people of Africa.  The theme music is “Barra” from Malian musician Habib Koite and he sings of the wisdom of Fulani shepherds in Niafunke.

While Inger has travelled in many African countries, her talk will focus on the people of Namibia, Angola and Ethiopia.  We hope you can join her on Thursday 18 June at 2pm GMT.

To register for her talk, please follow this link: