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Ingrid Koedood

Ingrid Koedood was born and raised in the Netherlands and has been involved with photography from a young age. As a young girl, she was captivated by her father’s photography hobby, spending countless hours in the darkroom developing photos. This early exposure ignited her passion. While she later pursued an MBA, working on significant projects in her home country, an important change in her personal life about fifteen years ago prompted her to reignite her love for photography and embark on a journey of exploration.

Having travelled extensively in Africa, Ingrid has also ventured to remote corners of the world. From scaling the heights of Africa’s Kilimanjaro to the remote landscapes of Antarctica, from the enigmatic terrain of North Korea to volunteering in refugee camps in Greece and assisting with humpback whale research in Brazil, her experiences have been as diverse as they are profound. She has participated in saffron harvesting in Iran and witnessed the realities of life in the slums in Kenia, India and Bangladesh. Ingrid has also immersed herself in various tribal communities, visiting and documenting their rituals and traditions.

Ingrid’s primary interest lies in capturing the essence of humanity in different environments and cultures. She is fascinated by the intricacies of human behaviour and the world’s rich tapestry of customs and traditions. A true people person, Ingrid values meaningful connections with the people she photographs, recognising the importance of these genuine interactions in her work.

Ingrid is a contributor to the prestigious international salon, the Atlas of Humanity, where she has participated in exhibitions in Milan, Paris and New York.  She has also held exhibitions in Buenos Aires and El Salvador with Fülle Galeria de fotografia. In 2024 her work has been shown at ‘il monde al contrario’ in Milan.

In 2017 she won the National Geographic Exodus photo contest and her work has been highly acclaimed by National Geographic in the Netherlands and at the Ami Vitale photography contest.

Ingrid’s photos are currently contracted to the Dutch Press Agency (ANP) who handle the publication of her images in newspapers, television and other outlets.  She has published photos in the Times and Daily Telegraph in the UK and in Docu Magazine (Finland) where she has had a front cover. She has also been interviewed by talk shows for her work with tribal people around the world.

When she is not travelling or leading photography tours at Wild Images she lives at her 1875 built home south of Rotterdam where she enjoys socializing with friends, cycling, cooking and gardening.

Ingrid’s warmth and easy-going personality allow her to connect effortlessly with the people she photographs.

You can follow Ingrid’s adventures on her Instagram account @ingridkoedood_photography or visit her website at

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