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Our 2021 Benin Tour is in Africa Geographic

21st January 2021

Before she has even arrived home to the UK, Wild Images tour leader Inger Vandyke has had one of her Benin images shortlisted in the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year competition this year.

Shot on the coast of Grand Popo, near the border between Benin and Togo, her image of our local guide posing in the drying reed grasses that Beninese women use to weave mats has been chosen by the competition judges in their shortlist.  It has been published on their website here:

Explore coastal Benin on our photography tour

Beninese women living in coastal estuaries collect reeds to dry for making mats. From the ground it is difficult to see their beautiful fanned shapes but from the air they are magical (image by Inger Vandyke)

We hope this isn’t the last we will see from our leaders and clients in this prestigious competition for 2021.  We will be starting to lead tours in Benin from 2022 onwards.  To join us please email our office!