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The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and Wild Images tours

27th June 2020

To all our Wild Images clients and friends:

The novel coronavirus pandemic is having a profound effect on many aspects of our lives, and not just on international travel.

At the present time, we still cannot be sure when tours to most destinations will be able to resume, but some borders are now starting to reopen. Fortunately, the Covid-19 case rate per million inhabitants has been far, far lower in most countries than it has been in much of Europe and North America, so many countries are relatively safe to visit.

If you are booked on an upcoming tour, we will initially get in touch with you approximately 4 months before the planned departure date (naturally, we will be in touch on a rolling basis: if your tour departure is more than four months off we will not be contacting you until the four-month point).

If it is not possible to be certain, at the four-month point, that a tour can operate, we will inform you that it can operate as soon as we are able. In the event the tour cannot operate, we will inform you not later than 5-6 weeks prior to departure.

Please all keep safe and follow your local health authority’s recommendations.

Inger Vandyke and Mark Beaman

Wild Images