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Romania’s Danube Delta: Bird Photography

Hide photography in Europe’s largest wetland and the Dobrodgea steppes

June 2020

Tour Dates Days Group Size Limit
Romania's Danube Delta: Bird Photography Monday 1st June - Monday 8th June 2020 8 4

Photographic Highlights

  • Fantastic selection of waterbirds from a specially designed photo-boat inside the Danube Delta
  • White and Dalmatian Pelicans
  • Breeding plumaged Red-necked and Black-necked Grebes
  • European Herons and Egrets
  • Possibility of breeding plumaged Pallas’s Gull, a rare European species
  • Whiskered Tern and Collared Pratincole colonies
  • Drinking hides in the Macin Mountain National Park
  • Delightful Souslik photography

This fantastic eight-day tour focuses on the Danube Delta and Dobrodgea area of Romania which is an amazingly diverse breeding and migration hotspot of Europe! The tour combines hide-photography and stalking photography, though these two will merge together in our special photo-boat inside the delta allowing superb possibilities getting close to birds!

About your boat

This 6.5 m long very stable flat bottomed boat was designed for photographers. It has four seats in the middle of the boat which are removable so when needed photography takes place from cushions allowing the lowest possible angle. The boat is installed with special photo-through glass – the same as in our hides in Hungary – on both side and also with a curtain system. The windows are turn able so photography also possible through the curtains only. The boat can be used in all weather as it has a removable roof as well.

Accommodation & Road Transport: The hotels are of a good standard for most of the tour. In the Macin area slightly lower standard but it is clean (one night). Road transport is by minibus and roads are generally good.

Walking: The walking effort is mostly easy throughout the tour.

Climate: In June most days are warm, dry and sunny and temperature is up to 30C. We will focus on the early morning and late afternoon hours however so it will not be inconvenient.

Recommended equipment: All sort of lenses can be used but a larger 400 or 500 mm lens is recommended on this tour. We will supply special beanbags in the boat. These are useful when photographing through the curtain or without. Tripods are essential to bring for the tour. It is possible to use them in the boat as well when the special windows installed.


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Prices are provisional

£1590, €1810, $2210 Bucharest/Bucharest. Deposit: 20%.

Includes surface transportation, accommodations, meals and entrance fees.

Tips/gratuities at the hotel are not included.

The price is based on a minimum of three participants.

Single Room Supplement: £140, €160, $195.

This tour is priced in Euros. Amounts shown in Pounds Sterling and US Dollars are based on £1 = €1.140 and €1 = $1.220.

Air Travel To & From The Tour: Our in-house IATA ticket agency will be pleased to arrange your air travel on request, or you may arrange this yourself if you prefer.




Day 1

The tour begins at Bucharest airport, from where we will transfer to Tulcea for an overnight stay in a comfortable hotel.


Days 2 – 3

Early this morning we leave for the Macin Mountain National Park where we have a photo hide for drinking birds. This rather dry habitat support a lot of scarce birds and our drinking pool will most probably be visited by many species. Two people will spend the morning in the hide while our guide will take the other two clients to photograph Souslik and various steppe bird species. If any suitable subject found dog-house type blinds can be used any time. In the afternoon the other two photographers will use the drinking hide. The following day is the same but vice versa. One night will be spent in Macin. On the second day we will transfer to Constanta for a two night stay.


Day 4

A full day will be spent around Constanta where we will concentrate our efforts on Steppe species. We will be doing mainly stalking photography but blinds can be used if required.


Day 5

We will return to Tulcea this morning, the gateway to the Sulina arm of the Danube Delta. Upon arrival we will board our special photo-boat and travel to Mila 23 which will be our base for the next 3 nights. this afternoon we will have time for an initial photography session.

The custom built Borzas Photo Boat makes an ideal and quiet hide for photography in the Danube Delta

The custom built Borzas Photo Boat makes an ideal and quiet hide for photography in the Danube Delta (Image by Attile Szilagyi)


Days 6 – 7 

We will have two full days of photography inside the Danube Delta. This will allow us to enjoy a variety of subjects in this last wilderness of Europe. The exact programme will be determined by the available subjects and the desires of the photographers. We will have two photo sessions daily. We usually start 30 minutes before sunrise and return to our accommodation for lunch and rest. The afternoon session will last until sunset.


Day 8

After some early morning photography we will sadly leave the Danube Delta behind and return to Bucharest airport, where the tour will end.

Zoltán Baczó

Zoltán joined our Hungarian partners officially in 2008 when their hide photography section was launched, but had been helping them in the Transylvania region for many years. He speaks good English, good Romanian and perfect Hungarian.

A serious interest in nature began when he was 13 years old. He is based in Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc) and his local patch is the Hargita Mountains of Transyvania in western Romania, and the various wetlands around his home town. Zoltán has an intimate knowledge of his local area but he has also travelled extensively in the Danube Delta area over the years and had led many tours there.

He started his nature protection work when he joined the Aves Foundation in 1998, where he carried out surveys and monitoring programmes. He is one of the authors of the Romanian bird checklist. Zoltán has also travelled more widely, exploring Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Most importantly however he is a keen photographer and has perfect knowledge and good eyes to get you into the best photography positions in the Danube Delta or Transylvania.