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Norway: Winter Eagles

February 2020

Tour Dates Days Group Size Limit
Norway: Winter Eagles Saturday 8th February - Thursday 13th February 2020 6 6

Photographic Highlights

  • White-tailed Eagles at Smøla, which has the highest breeding density in the world
  • Photograph eagles in extraordinary soft light
  • Eagle photography from a custom-designed boat with sides that can be lowered, allowing photography just a few centimetres above the water-line
  • A superb sunken hide by an eagle drinking pool with ultra-clear glass, heating and toilet
  • Fighting eagles



Come and join us on a 6 days, 5 nights unforgettable tour at the island of Smøla in western Norway. Prepare for magic moments together with the best White-tailed Eagle guide there is! With the densest population of breeding White-tailed Eagles in the world, we have amazing photo opportunities with these magnificent birds from a speciually designed, low-level boat and the world’s best eagle hide, the Alula.

Smøla is situated on the coast of Norway, and with 5500 islets and skerries around the main island we are literally driving in a maze with our boat. The flat landscapes gives you unique low-light photo opportunities and the guide was born and raised on the island. This means that he knows where to go to give you the best possible photographic situations.

On this trip we will focus mainly on the White-tailed Eagle photography from the boat and eagle photography from the Alula hide. Our tour is at the very best time for eagle photography. We combine our visit to Smøla with the full moon, so if there is clear weather we will do our very best to give you some amazing moments!

Eagle photography from the boat will be from a special designed boat for photography. We have the possibility to lower the side so that when you lie down your lens is just a few centimetres (an inch or two) above water level!

The Alula hide is a custom-built hide constructed after years of development and after testing different solutions. The hide is lowered into the ground, giving you as a photographer a unique low perspective. The hide has electricity, one-way glass, comfortable chairs, a heated floor, a sound recording system and a toilet. In front of the hide there is a bathing pool for the White-tailed Eagles, and the ground has been levelled so that the eagles cannot hide from the photographer.

Your stay at Smøla will be at an hotel situated beside the ocean that enjoys a spectacular view. You will have your own bedroom with shared bathroom facilities. There is also the option to have an en-suite bathroom.

This tour is strictly limited to 6 persons only, and with the group split into two subgroups of three (between the boat and the hide) there will be amazingly good photo opportunities and good space for each photographer.



The hotel on Smøla is of a good standard but standard rooms have shared bathroom facilities. It is also possible to have a private bathroom for a supplement. Please inform our office if you wish to do this.



Car or minibus (passenger van) and boat.



Fairly cold at this time of year. Temperatures average around -2 to 3°C during daytime, although it can feel much warmer on still, sunny days and around 5°C colder on windy days. There may be some snow or rain and sunny periods are interspersed with overcast weather.



Being comfortable at this season is clearly a priority and we will provide detailed information in the pre-tour information pack.


Photographic Equipment

For White-tailed Eagle photography, the ideal lenses for longer range subjects, or head shots, on this particular tour when using a DSLR are usually a 500mm or 600mm prime, with or without converters. If your budget does not run to big prime lenses, a high quality 400mm f5.6 or a 100-400mm or similar zoom with a converter on a crop-sensor body can be a very viable alternative. For closer individuals (which will be commonplace) a shorter telephoto around 200-300mm will be excellent and there may even be opportunities for wide-angle shots.

You can also get wonderful results with many photography subjects with a high quality bridge camera with an 18-20x or higher optical zoom. If you have questions about what equipment you ought to bring, please contact us.


2020 provisional prices

£2440, €2780, $3390 Kristiansund/Kristiansund.

Single Room Supplement: No additional charge.

Deposit: £800, €900, $1000.

Price includes surface transportation, accommodations, meals and entrance fees.

Tips/Gratuities for the hotel are not included.

This tour is priced in US Dollars. Amounts shown in Pounds Sterling and Euros are based on: £1 = $1.390 and €1 = $1.220.

Air Travel To & From The Tour: Our in-house IATA ticket agency will be pleased to arrange your air travel on request, or you may arrange this yourself if you prefer.



Day 1

Our Norway: Winter Eagles bird photography tour starts today at Kristiansund airport, from where you will be transferred by road and ferry to Smøla for a five nights stay. Dinner and tuition in the evenings.

Days 2-5

Four full day of photography, during which we focus on working in the best possible light with different subjects.

Day 6

After breakfast we return from Smøla to Kristiansund airport, where the tour ends.

Audun Dahl

Born and raised in Smøla, a Norwegian island off the coast of Kristiansund region in west-central Norway, Audun Lie Dahl has been a lover of nature since childhood. In 2010, he and his brother founded their own photographic company in Norway that specialises in eagle, hide/blind and musk ox photography, but Audun has also had the privilege to expand his horizons and use his photographic expertise to capture images from around the world. Not only does he know all of Norway’s best photography locales, but he has travelled to Svalbard, Antarctica, Africa and Asia. Cold environments are his favourite and he can spend days waiting in frigid weather waiting for the best shots!

Audun’s visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work on global guiding ventures with world renowned photographers, including a partnership with WildPhoto travel. His photographic aspiration is to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature, while promoting the preservation of wild places everywhere.

Audun has received multiple awards in the Nordic Nature Photo Contest and the Global Arctic Awards, while his images have been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers in his native Norway, as well as international publications such as National Geographic and the UK’s Daily Mail.